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Kamis, Mei 14, 2009

Magic Traffic Web Untuk Menaikan PR

Since adwords destroyed all chances of a fair listing on search engines, more and more people are paying for traffic. It’s too expensive, but google make their $Billions all the same.
Nobody likes to lose money right?
That’s why now, webmasters constantly check their webstats. They want to see who is referring visitors to their website. They are curious as to who is linking to them and always click the referrer links in their stats pages. They are an untapped market.
Features :
AutoSearch & Ping as many sites as you like, perfectly legally ……… ping a site once, 100 times, 1000 times, it’s up to you.
Trigger a Massive Chain Reaction that will Explode Your Traffic and send your page counter spinning.
Generate a constant flood of TARGETED visitors each and every week … and do it 100% completely FREE from your own computer !
This groundbreaking & powerful program flooding traffic to your websites…….you can even promote it as an affiliate on a cool 50% commission. Or you can sell it yourself, buy it and you will have FULL RESALE RIGHTS!
One thing you can be sure of….This will be the best marketing program released this year.

Download Sofwarenya <<<<<<<<
Mirror download Sofware <<<<<

5 komentar:

  1. woke sob....q coba download dl n q coba.....hehehe...maklum ni...PRq dari dl g naik2....

  2. aplikasi yang cukup baik kalau bisa bantu naikkan PR. apa ngak salah ping kali2. aku baru satu kali ping udah dikasi tahu ngak boleh banyak kali nanti IP kena sekat.

  3. boleh di coba nih, infonya keren !!!!

  4. mau nyoba juga ahhh


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